Hair Trends which are going to take over in 2022

With the turn of the calendar brings a fresh start to the salon industry, and what better way to kick off the new year than trying an overall new hairstyle for the ‘new year new you’ saying? As we’ve seen throughout time, hairstyles have undoubtedly inspired cultural movements, influenced identity expressions, fashion, and defined decades. This year is all about the vintage look like the beehive updos of the 60s which resembles all of those glamor and fashion head-up turning games. So the question remains, what hairstyle will we be seeing in 2022?

Whether it’s a cut, color, or perm, our stylists at Anita Obison Hair Salon in Cork, Ireland, can be a perfect help. The very much trained staff, as well as the team who look up to the fashion games of 2022, know exactly how to kick off the fashion. 

Here are some of the looks suggested by us for starting off with 2022-

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Soft Browns and Gold Look

The soft brown and gold hair look is the ultimate look for 2022. The blend of this whole color adds to the fashion game, which is in trend in 2022. We at Anita Obison help people achieve this exquisite look of color combination and we know this will float around this year in 2022. Although you could try to achieve this color on your own, we would suggest visiting a stylist like us in Cork, as mixing colors can get tricky and we know the whole tricks!

Bangs will be the Hangs

Hairdresser cutting woman hair in shop Female coiffeur cutting women hair in hairdresser shop cutting bangs stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

This 2022, bangs will be the ultimate hangings the entire year. Bangs are again making a comeback in 2022, but not in that whole traditional sense. Wispy bangs are gaining popularity because they add softness and femininity to any person. This style is perfect for those who want to try bangs, but are not very sure about committing to a full fringe and it will give a cute as well as fragile look at the same time.

Sleek Look

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The stylish and fashionable sleek- front and back are a look that we’ve all loved for a while now, and the good news is that it’s not going anywhere. Even in 2022, it is going to be in trend. There are a lot of different variations of this style, one of which is a contrasting style where the hair is slicked back at the front and loose at the back and it creates the whole clean look with the game to carry fashion and a sense of modern turn. If you would like to try another look in this vein, experiment with a middle part and a top knot—a style that is taking social media by storm at this very moment and will keep going this entire year of 2022. And if you need some very famous styling products to get that effortless sleek appearance, look no further than Anita Hair Salon in Cork, Ireland.

So here are some of the main looks which we feel are going to emerge in 2022. Let us know your thoughts and if you feel the same, why not get these looks by visiting us at Anita Obison Hair Salon, the best hair salon in Cork, Ireland, with a team of professional experts?


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