You set aside time to spend on your hair so that you may arrive at work looking stylish, but instead, you end yourself rushing out with the same dull ponytail or a bun. That sounds like you, right? Do you experience this frequently? We are aware! Even if we would love to, our busy schedules prevent us from having the time to experiment with new hairstyles. Due to this, we have 3 quick, stylish, and cool back-to-school hairstyles for you that just take five minutes. If you want to look great but are running late, try one of these adorable and simple hairstyles. You want to leave your hard, structured hairstyles in the past and make room for more fluid, boho trends as the sun begins to peek through the clouds. 

Curly hair

For this new season, wavy hair is back after enjoying great success last summer. The end result is hair that is smooth and full-bodied for a purposefully messy look. Love having curly hair? Make lovely waves over the mid-lengths and ends of your hair.

Headband with jewels

The hair in this is left natural and styled in free, lightly ruffled waves. The jeweled headband for a sophisticated, boho look is the show’s signature accessory. Apply styling mousse to wet hair and let it air dry naturally while running your fingers through it to achieve this look. Lay your headband across your hairline in a horizontal position.

The unkempt braid 

The trends are once again being set by braids. Make a sloppy braid for a romantic hairstyle. Give your hair texture using a styling mousse, and then finger-dry it for a flexible finish. Your hair should be brushed before you start to braid it. For a sloppy appearance, keep it loose.


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