Summer Slay: 4 Hot Haircuts to Rock at Anita Obison Hair Salon

Summer vacation is approaching, which means you’ll be spending more time outside in the heat, swimming at lakes and pools, and driving with the windows down! Summer brings with it a plethora of enjoyable outdoor activities, but it also brings with it a continual tangle of hair. If you’re tired of brushing knotted hair after a day at the lake or always fretting about forgetting a hair clip before stepping out into the hot sun, it’s time to try an easy summer haircut!

As the hair salons in Cork, we provide a wide range of hairstyling services to help you achieve your desired style. Our staff of competent and trained stylists can ensure that you leave our salon feeling like a completely new you, from cuts to colors to restructuring procedures.

  1. Cute Pixie for the Night

Pixie cuts are also a more manageable hairstyle in the summer. While this hairstyle will take a little more time to style at first, you will be able to go about your day with ease. You will be able to drive with the windows down without your hair creating a gigantic knot, unlike if you had long hair. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your hair tie, enabling you to go about your day feeling lighter and cooler.

  1. Layers are the best

Hair that is thick and lush is attractive, luxuriant, and healthy. However, it may be heavy and hot, particularly in the summer. And putting your hair in a bun or ponytail every day might get tedious and detract from the aesthetic you were looking for. Furthermore, having your hair up all the time might rapidly become inconvenient. Getting layers is a terrific technique to make your hair thinner, lighter, and cooler if you have thick hair and don’t want to lose length.

  1. Bob to Rock

Bobs are a stylish, contemporary haircut that will make it easier to keep your hair throughout the summer months. Your hair will be simpler to manage and will not feel as thick or hot on your neck because bobs are shorter. This is a terrific hairstyle for women who don’t want to have their hair up all summer since it’s too hot. In the summer, a bob will be easier to manage and will give you a lovely and fresh look.

  1. Long Hair Summer Styles

There are several hairstyles to try if you don’t want to take any length off your hair but need a solution for hot summer days. You can keep your hair controlled and off your neck with a number of hairstyles, from sleek ponytails to untidy buns to braids. Even a basic half pony or half-bun may keep your hair off of your face and allow you to stay cool. Single and double braids are also excellent summer hairstyles because they gather all of your hair, keep it off your neck, and prevent knotting while driving with the windows down, swimming, and participating in other summer activities.

Summer is a wonderful time of year because it allows us to get outside and participate in a variety of activities! Allowing your hair to hold you back from partaking in the fun is not a good idea. Make an appointment at the Anita Obison Hair Salon in Cork to try one of these fantastic summer hairstyles. We can make it easier for you to spend the entire summer driving with the windows down and swimming in the lake!


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