Best Hair Salons in Cork, Ireland

If you are looking for a wide range of hairstyling, from highlights and full head colors to up styles and hair extensions in Cork City, then Anita Obisson Hair Salon is the perfect place you are in. The salon provides great services at best of the prices. Not only this, but it also trades in artificial hair extensions in Cork that are made from 100% real human hair in both Ireland as well as in the UK for over 19 years

The professional services by this best hair salon in Cork include many of the services in an easy booking system. Some of her best services include the following:

  1. Haircutting & coloring

Highly skilled professionals of Anita Obisson Hair Salon are trained to bring your hair dreams true. We pride ourselves in providing the best hair cutting as well as coloring in Cork. When you are in Cork city looking for a reliable option and a professional bunch of people who are expertise in the hair care solutions industry and also the hair extensions industry, Anita Obisson Hair Salon is the perfect choice for you.

Do not trust us? See our reviews by our clients!!!

“Lovely and friendly atmosphere. Great place to get your hair done!”

  • Ukachi Malaka
  1. Hair Extensions – The best in Cork

The hair extensions services by Anita Obisson Hair Salon include hair extensions application and removal, hair treatment for damaged hair all in Cork. The quality of the extensions is never compromised when getting it done by our place. We specialize in this field and our whole 19 years of overall experience in the hair extension industry has not only made us the most popular in Cork but also in the whole of Ireland. Not to forget, the whole trading of hair extensions is also done in the United Kingdom. So if we talk about the demand, our customers love our services at their best.

Do not trust us? See our reviews by our clients!!!

“This woman is a magician! I advise all girls, if you want to make extensions somewhere, this is where you need to go. You won’t regret it, and you won’t overpay either. I contacted most of the salons in Cork, but none offered what Anita Obison offered for less than they asked for. As I said, this is where you need to do the extensions. Trust me and see for yourself.”

  1. Weaving & braiding

We aim to provide quality hair braiding and weaving services to our customers in Cork. We are ready for the service. Whether you have curly hair or the straight version of hair, we take care of all. Not only this, our services include box braid, ghana braid, thick cornrows, and a lot more. We aim to change the lifestyles of the people the way and they look and feel so that they feel young and beautiful inside out and that is the reason we come to be the best hair salon here in the Cork City

So we have given you many reasons to trust us and believe in our services, now waiting for what? Book your appointment with us directly from here- tel:+353-21-480-8607


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