Different Hair Extensions that will ace in 2023

If 2022 is to be kind to our lockdown heads, it looks like this new year will be all about new beginnings of all kinds, starting with our hair. A lot of it goes back in time (2022 was all 70s!) and hair trends do the same. Inspired by iconic bob haircuts, sassy ’90s bangs, and New Age-era thick hair, this new year offers many exciting options for those in need of a change.

Hair extensions come in all shapes and sizes for unfamiliar faces and people and are made in different ways so that people of all countries can accept them and use them at their best. Not only this, they can be applied in many ways and in different styles. Some are more temporary than others, some can be applied at home and some are put in at a hair salon by professional experts. Being informed about the different hair extensions is important for choosing the best ones for you!

If you’re a fan of hair extensions and want to spice up your natural hair from the comfort of your own home, these techniques will do the trick.

Hair extensions that can be applied at home:

  1. Try these Clip-in extensions are pre-clipped strips of hair that snap into place at the base of your own hair. Clip-ins are usually the easiest to experiment with at home and may be found at very low prices.
  2. Classic Tape-ins are pre-taped extension strips that are taped or glued to your roots by a stylist (preferable) or by you (usually best for one-night-only situations).

Hair extensions for professionals:

  1. Sew-ins, also known as weaves, are hair extensions that are attached to your braided hair with a needle and thread. These are done by professionals and are sure;y worth to try
  2. Keratin extensions are tiny strands of hair that are heated and glued to your own hair with a keratin-based glue.
  3. I-tips are strands of extensions that are crimped to strands of your own hair with a flattened microbeam without the use of heat or glue by a professional stylist.

Do hair extensions harm your natural hair?

If you can accomplish it correctly, we’ll be fine. There are people who can keep hair extensions for years if they are cared for properly. Always inquire about your hairstylist’s experience with extensions, but Valles also suggests inquiring whether they have been certified by an extension company. If performed correctly, extensions are safe for your hair, so make sure you’re in competent hands.

Always ask about your hairstylist’s experience with extensions, but Anita Obison’s Hair Salon also recommends asking whether they’ve been certified by a firm that specializes in extensions. Extensions are safe for your hair if done correctly, so make sure you’re in excellent hands.


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