Fierce Hairstyles To Feel Empowered This International Women’s Day 2022

As 8th March is too near, women all around the world are gearing up to support each other on this day, and why not? The struggles and the battles that women have been fighting and contacting every day are worth celebrating on this Women’s Day 2022. 

On this day of self-expression and glory, there’s no better way to honor amazing women than with a celebration of their crowning glory which is their hair. Whether you want to channel your inner fierceness or embrace your favorite iconic woman’s style this International Women’s Day, it’s bound to have an impact, and let Anita Obison Hair Salon give you a round of the bold and beautiful hairstyles which you can have on this IWD 2022.

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Curls play the boldness

Curls are something that suits everyone and give you that bold look when you dress up in a pantsuit or any other dress. It adds an edge to the overall look making you look like some boss lady and giving you all of the positive vibes which you actually deserve being a woman. This day is all about celebrating women in all their glory, whether that means embracing their own natural curls or doing gorgeous beachy waves with the heated curler. Curly hair looks gorgeous in all its natural beauty and getting it done by the right team like Anita Obison Hair Salon also plays a major role to make sure you are confident.

Short Hair – Bold & Beautiful

Short hair is one of the trends these days for giving the international look to your face and it also adds up as a great transformation look in a fierce way embracing your femininity is all about opening yourself up to things you never would’ve tried before. Thinking that the short hair look is only for men is so last year, it’s all about reclaiming styles you’ve been warned against your entire life. As a recommendation, we can suggest you try this out if you are an experimental kind of a person and loves to add to the hot and go-all bold category.

Box Braids for ‘THE LOOK’

Add length and thickness to your hair and give it a braid link and look bold every day and get that feminine bold vibe and create greater open hair as well as ponytail look with the same. Make sure you are getting your right braids with the right team of experts like Anita Obison Hair Salon, Cork, and have it done in the most prominent way.

Do let us know if these looks help you to achieve the ultimate look which you want and slay on this International Women’s Day 2022 with these amazing hairstyles


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