Getting into the History of Braids with Anita Obison

Every day, new trends are created in the dynamic world of beauty. The numerous hairdo fads that have come and gone throughout history make it tough to keep up. But one thing is certain: braids have been a mainstay hairstyle for what feels like ages. No, but in all seriousness: Braids have been around since 3500 BC. In other words, they have a very long history. It’s safe to assume that fashion has preserved a historical legacy that will endure. This iconic hairstyle has served as a marker of social position, ethnicity, religion, and more, ranging from traditional cornrows and three-strand braids to Dutch braids and more.

What is Hair Braiding?

By beading, braiding, cornrowing, extending, lacing, locking, sewing, twisting, weaving, or wrapping human hair, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and hair extensions into a variety of shapes, patterns, and textures, hair braiding is a natural form of hair manipulation that results in tension on hair strands.

The art of hair braiding dates back to ancient Egypt and numerous African tribes, where it was used to represent social standing and various religious and societal views. Hair braiding has been used for millennia, and many of the designs that are popular now were once reserved for symbolic purposes.

Sometime later, the plait, or English braid, gained popularity in early Europe. Women of aristocracy wore elaborate, ornamented braids to signify their status, whereas working women used simpler braids to keep their hair clean and contained. The plait is created by weaving three even sections of hair in and out of each other, beginning at the nape of the neck and descending down the back. This method is simple enough to try yourself and comfortable enough for all-day wear.

The advancement of braiding

While the basic principles of braiding have not changed over time, braid styles and expressions have changed and continue to change. Braids are worn, decorated, and commemorated in a variety of ways in modern society. There are people who want neat lines and people who prefer natural, unkempt braids.

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