Hair Extensions for Short Hair

When trying to integrate your hair extensions with a short, blunt hairdo or ‘Lob,’ it might be tough. We’re frequently asked about the best hair extensions for short hair, so we thought we’d share some of our greatest techniques for flawlessly blending your shorter hair.

Keeping the Under-layer Hidden

With shorter haircuts, the piece of hair around the nape of the neck would be the most visible once your extensions were fitted. Begin by sectioning your hair in the bottom layer (across between the middle of the ears). Plaiting, twisting, and pinning the hair into a tidy bun is the most discrete way to hide this layer. This layer might be braided to the skull if you’re a hairstylist. If your hair is too short to plait, twist it and pin it or pull it back into a little ponytail. If at all feasible, use as few bands or grips as possible. Begin by clipping your first weft to the pinned part once you’ve accomplished this rapid style.

Twisting Your Hair

If your hair is too short or difficult to style with our first approach, try this strategy. You may notice that the front bits of natural hair are still visible after you’ve applied and groomed your extensions. Twist any minor parts of hair and tie them underneath the extensions at the back of your head; one small bobby pin per area should be enough to keep this look in place.

Wefts should be doubled.

We recommend all the wefts included in the complete set to assist cover the blunt cut and achieve a flawless mix. Layer or stack the wefts on top of one other to fit more around your head. This approach increases volume while removing most of your hair’s bluntness. You’ll be able to fit more extensions onto your head with fewer layers of hair if you do it this way. This technique may also be used to create an ombre or mixed-shade look. If you’re stacking your wefts, make sure they’re clipped to enough hair to support the weight. Over two wefts per layer of real hair are not recommended.

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