Hairstyles For Christmas Parties To Sleigh The Jolly Season

Ho, Ho, The holiday season is here, so it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas party haircut. All year, you’ve eagerly anticipated venting to your work wife. You already have the ideal glittering little number in your closet. Everything is planned out, even down to the cocktails you’ll be drinking, from the makeup to the shoes.

Your Christmas party hairstyle, however, might not have made the cut!

You may wonder why you should start thinking about your holiday party haircut early.

So that you can, of course, sleigh the crazy season strands, and grab yourself a halo. Treat yourself to some Halo Hair Extensions to transform your worn-out locks this year.

I mean, it is Christmas!

Low Bun

You may wear this holiday party hairstyle from nine in the morning till around five. The low bun is a simple style that will take you from your morning coffee to Chrissy knockoffs with ease. Even if you’re wearing business clothing, you can dress it up by adding some statement earrings and glittery eyeliner because FESTIVE. Use a Halo Hair Extension to add volume to keep your bun from looking too plain.

Low Curly Ponytail

I’m all about ponies, forget about reindeer. That is, ponytails. especially this low, wavy, and super adorable ponytail. When it comes to slaying (sleighing) this look, volume and length are essential, so this is where you’ll want to rock the thick halo. Place your halo on your head as usual to obtain this look. Your hair should be loosely curled and pulled into the above-depicted low ponytail, leaving 2 substantial parts exposed at the front. One of the hair parts should be twisted, wrapped around the ponytail’s base, and fastened with a bobby pin.

To achieve this woven effect, repeat the previous step but wrap the second portion in the opposite direction.

Smooth Curls

Textured curls are attractive to women and are young and exciting for summer. Like, every lady wants this enviable do. A casual Chrissy party, ideally outside, calls for a hairdo that seems like it just came out of the surf. Your strands will get little volume from the halo for more texture. Add your halo as usual to achieve this hairdo, then use a smaller curling iron to curl your strands roughly. Scrunch your hair after adding some salt water or texturizing spray.

Or, if you’d like, go to the beach and obtain the naturally curly strands.

This was our take for your next Christmas party, have the best one this year!

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