How to refresh your braids to make them last 

Maintaining your braids could be at times stressful but having the right ideas regarding how to maintain the braids could be your perfect best friend. The main reason is that if you’re styling your natural hair into a braided hairstyle or if you’re using additional hair to get the exact look you want to last longer, taking the proper care of your braids is not only going to keep them healthy but also will help them looking good for a longer period, capable of putting a smile on your face every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.

To keep the braid style protected, moisturized, and also long-lasting, our hair experts have some tips as to how to maintain our braids and keep them looking like the first day we got them done-

Here are the main tips which you should keep in mind after getting your braids done-

Wrap It Up Overnight

When you finally go to bed to have your sleep make sure you cover your hair with some soft material cloth piece such as a silk cloth. This is one of the safest ways to protect your hair from damage. This actually helps the braids to prevent the overnight causing frizz as well as hair breakage and helps you have it all fresh in the morning without any damage.

Timely Spray Them

Spraying your hair when you have some really good-looking braids could be an excellent way to prevent itchiness. Get yourself a braiding hair spray and use it at a timely interval to keep your hair conditioned.  If you’re having that synthetic hair, it can also dehydrate your natural hair, so it’s extra important to hydrate it as it gives extra shine while you step out and gives you the just coming from the hair salon kind of look, every day.

Do Not Leave Your Braids In For A Longer Period

Protective styling is meant to be short-term you see. You should never keep braids for longer than 8 weeks in one straight row. Any longer than often leads your new growth of being stretched and damaged and eventually broken. Keeping your braids for longer than 8 weeks will likely leave you with hair loss which nobody likes. So as you see protective styling is a thing.

Avoid Wearing Tight Hairstyles

The best part about having the braids look is actually the fact that how versatile they can be. One second you’re wearing them in an all open way and the next, you can have them wrapped into a beautiful ponytail. However, you need to be strategic about how often you can wear these fun hairstyles. If your braids are constantly in tight looks (like you are having regular high ponytails, buns, dutch braids, etc), they’re more at the risk for frizz, breakage, and weakening along with the roots and edges.  So we do not request you to stop wearing them, but just to plan as to having them twice a week, so that it stays protected and last longer.

So these were some of our tips from the team of experts by Anita Obison Hair Salon with professional knowledge in the area of hair treatment. Make sure you maintain a list of these points and bookmark it for further usage. Also, subscribe to our blog channel for mair hair and care tips and tricks.


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