Long Or Short? How to Choose Your Ideal Hair Length

All of us have entered a salon, sat in our stylists’ chairs, and found ourselves completely unable to explain a cut we had seen on Instagram. Starting with a reference point is crucial if you need to specify the length you want your hair to be (without fearing that the hairdresser may trim off a few extra inches).

The ideal photographs to save to your camera roll and refer to when confusion strikes are our hair length charts for all textures and cuts. Plus, if you’re both staring at the same image, you’ll know that you and your stylist agree on what “mid-back” refers to.

Keep scrolling to learn more about choosing your ideal cut.

Face Form

If you’re unsure about whether a short or long haircut will look better on you, consider your facial shape. The ideal way to show off your best features is to choose the hairstyle that can work best for your face shape. All face shapes are lovely.

Type of hair

You can select the ideal hair length for you regardless of whether you have fine, medium, coarse, or thick hair texture! For instance, you could wish to make your hair appear thicker if it is fine. A shorter hairdo can be the best option in this situation!


A long hairstyle can be right for you if you enjoy styling your hair and frequently try out new looks. Long hair requires more maintenance but is fantastic if you like to experiment.


Do you have to get your hair done every day if you work in an office environment? Can you keep a certain style and cut with your hectic schedule? You should think about these two issues while choosing your desired hair length. If you’re often on the move and pressed for time in the mornings, you might choose a shorter haircut that requires less maintenance over time.

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