Spot the Difference: A Quick Guide to Identifying Hair Extensions

One of the most practical fashion accessories available nowadays is hair extension. Anyone, from commoners to superstars, may use extensions to improve their appearance quickly and with little to no effort. Extensions are the first place I would advise many individuals to start, whether they are searching for something colorful, length, or more volume. My advice is to always use colors that are a little lighter than darker if you are concerned about doing so. By far, lighter colors mix better, and extensions are frequently done in an ombre or gradient, which further enhances the look of naturalness. However, extensions are much more than simply that. Here are some more details to help you with those inquiries about hair extensions.


The type of style you want to achieve will determine the type of extensions you should obtain. The extensions must meld with your own hair if you want them to seem natural. On the other hand, if you want them to stand out, use the boldest hues you can for that eye-catching blast of color.


Clip-ins are a great place to start if you want to get a natural look. They may enhance your appearance in a variety of ways and are easy to apply and style. Even though I’ve heard it said by several people that clip-ins lack naturalness, I disagree. It all depends on how you if you will, “installed” them. The new hair should be blended in with the extensions as much as possible.

Tape-In Extensions

Wefts of synthetic or human hair are connected to your natural hair with double- or single-sided polyurethane tape to create tape-in extensions. For persons with straight to slightly wavy hair, tape-in extensions are the most flawless type of insertion since the panels of tape sit flush to the hair.

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