Tips For Increasing the Duration of Your Hair Color

The challenge of maintaining (fake) hair color is difficult. In addition to the amount of style your strands forgo, the coloring procedure frequently leaves it slightly damaged. Heat damage, eh? It’s simple to understand how your gorgeous blonde locks will seem brassy in six to eight weeks when you combine this with harsh shampoos, temperature fluctuations, and pollutants in your water system. If you use these suggestions, both your pocketbook and your hair will be in much better shape.

A Skilled Colorist

A skilled colorist is key to a long-lasting color. I’ve been coloring my hair since I was 16 and have had my fair share of disasters, but when the colorist is skilled, it completely changes the game. A skilled colorist will be able to evaluate the condition of your hair and, consequently, the amount of change your name can withstand with little harm. They will also analyse the history of your hair, your financial situation, and your regular style practice. Looking out for a professional hair colorist in Cork? Anita Obison got it cove

Washing Your Hair While Considering The Color

As you wash your hair so frequently, it’s important to get the technique right. If you’re thinking the process is pretty simple, well, there are certain techniques that can make a HUGE difference. Tommy says, “Hair should be shampooed two to four times a week, however thicker or curlier hair can certainly get away with the lesser amount. When shampooing the hair, it’s important to concentrate on the lather and scrubbing to the scalp, too much abrasion through the ends will cause the color to fade quicker.

Use Products that Protect Colour

Additionally, using mild, sulfate-free shampoos will aid in color maintenance. Purple shampoo is another essential item for blondes since it helps eliminate any unwelcome brassiness. Save the intensive treatments for their color visits and sometimes in between and use a good surface conditioner at home instead.

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